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New horizons beckon

Based on its innovative business models, WYZ’s mission is to provide for all automotive professionals – after-sales networks, corporate fleets, tyre makers, vehicle manufacturer headquarters – the Group’s ambition is to guarantee its partners a genuine quality of service and an optimal availability rate of tyre products. This ambition applies across the whole of Europe.

To conquer the European market, more and more discussions are being held with vehicle manufacturers about deploying our digital solutions to facilitate buying and marketing tyres and associated services. WYZ also offers its clients a range of international opportunities: turnover boost, optimised product availability, and improved service to end customers. In this regard, WYZ Group began internationalising in Belgium in 2014, then in Spain and Portugal in 2016 – by creating its subsidiary WYZ Automotive Iberia – followed by Sweden in 2017 – through its subsidiary WYZ Nordic. And in 2021, the launch of Germany will keep the WYZ teams busy.

This opening in the European market demonstrates WYZ’s ambitions for international development.

“We knew we could replicate our tools and processes on an industrial level everywhere, and with our innovative products and services, we were ahead of the market. But if we wanted to become a leader while competitors were emerging, frankly, we had to go international if we wanted to establish our position.”

Alexandre Aulas, Business Development Manager, WYZ Group

“Industrialists – vehicle manufacturers and tyre makers – are present globally. Our system meets their expectations, and can be deployed anywhere in the world.”

Pierre Guirard, CEO of WYZ Group