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Excellence is innovation

For 11 years, WYZ has only had one driving force: innovation. It is its nature, its ambition and its commitment. It has also marked the Group’s journey on a daily basis, as its history demonstrates.

In 2010, just one year after WYZ was created, the new business model designed by WYZ received the HEC Mercury Prize for Entrepreneurship and its vehicle fleet management service was commended. This prestigious award was particularly instrumental in boosting our development.

In 2012, the Group moved into the heart of Compiègne Technology Park, a veritable incubator for start-ups, especially graduates from the UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne). Surrounded by trained engineers and companies increasingly focused on future technologies, WYZ soon established its position as an innovative company.

2014 was a year of new momentum marked by our meeting with a new public entity: Bpifrance (Public Investment Bank). Just five years after its creation, WYZ was offered access to the ranks of 3,000 companies to receive a BPI Excellence award. This partnership made it possible to give a bit more legitimacy to the Group, which was based on both the marketing of original offers and the constructive breaks that they proposeAnd in 2016, WYZ Group joined the exclusive club of the SME Accelerator, a programme championed by Emmanuel Macron and managed by Bpifrance. A real boost for WYZ and its teams.

Our B2B know-how, dedicated to the supply of tyres to key accounts in automotive after-sales networks, has already been demonstrated. WYZ is now recognised as a true specialist in workflow data exchanges: price, stock, customers, individual products. The Group’s clients now know that they are our priority and it is precisely for them that WYZ never forgets its mantra: constant innovation!

Today, 11 years after its first steps, all WYZ offers are built on its technological mastery. Innovation is still at the heart of the group’s dynamics and, even better, innovation is a daily challenge!

If the year 2020 is the year of the passage of an important milestone for WYZ, which has officially become an ETI, it is in 2021 that one of the biggest changes has taken place:

Bpifrance and BNP Paribas Développement are entering the capital of WYZ Group in the framework of a €21 million fundraising, accompanied by Generis Capital Partners, which confirms its role as a loyal partner.

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