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Our five values

The WYZ culture is based on five core values ​​that the Group wants to share with its teams, suppliers and clients alike.

The client is king

Listening to clients is the basic principle on which the WYZ Group is built. By carefully gauging the market and listening to client needs, the three founders of WYZ were able to launch a platform that responds to actual demand. These principles of listening, gauging and anticipating are just as valuable to them today as they ever were, and they reiterate them each and every day to their teams.

“We take a two-phase approach: first, we listen to our client’s needs, and come back to them with a proposed solution, we then agree the complete offer with them. In other words, we don’t try to fit our needs into our initial tools.”  Eric Duplanil

Work ethic

A strong work ethic seems obvious in any business, but it is even more so at WYZ. Like a large anthill, all WYZ staff members work equitably, independently and towards a common goal. Working at WYZ involves a lot of diligence, both in managing projects and client follow-ups. It is an accomplishment that ensures recognition of the Group as a whole, but more importantly, that is worthy of personal recognition.

Team spirit

Not having a team mentality is simply inconceivable at WYZ. This has been the pure essence of the Group since its very inception. A value of life inspired by the world of sport, it actually engenders notions of pulling together, solidarity, benevolence, but also integration.

“As leaders, we must ensure that the whole is more than the sum of its parts” Pierre Guirard

Honour commitments

Whether it’s listening to client needs, developing and delivering new tools, or doing sports training with fellow employees, WYZ Group cultivates an environment of honouring commitments.

There is no compromise on this matter!

“Beyond the new versions we are rolling out, our goal is to speed up the process of equipping our clients. Rather than working over three months, we want to be able to offer multiple platforms with different modules all at once, and in just one month.”  Eric Duplanil

Soft skills / Hard skills

Paradoxically, the strength of the Group is also its individuality. It is the behaviour of everyone, everywhere, at all times, that gives a sense the whole. To this end, WYZ relies on the soft skills of each team member in any circumstances, whether it’s interactions between colleagues, with clients or with suppliers.

But this value also comes from the WYZ Group’s desire to “give back” what it has been given.  Pierre Guirard expands on this: “Without the help of our partners, WYZ Group would not be what it is today.”  WYZ executives are offering some of their time and opening their address book to support new entrepreneurs.