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A turnkey solution: the WYZ Tyre Box

If you are a vehicle manufacturer, the WYZ Tyre Box – made by WYZ – is the tool you’ve been looking for. This turnkey solution allows you to implement a tyre buying policy for your network, mixing the offers of your manufacturing partners with a WYZ stopgap offer in case of unavailability.

Tested and validated by 15 vehicle manufacturers, the WYZ Tyre Box currently offers your network a product availability rate of almost 100%.

Key strengths of our solution:

  • Responsive design.
  • Guarantee of a reliable and secure system.
  • Fast and efficient order taking in less than one minute.
  • Quotes available in a few clicks, on all your brands for your customers.
  • Immediate information about your delivery schedules.
  • Constantly updated product range changes and price changes.

An integrated stopgap solution

If, like some of our clients, you already have your order portal with your manufacturing partners, but you also want to increase your service rate, we can integrate our stopgap solution into your platform.

Our IT department will liaise with yours to evaluate the technical integration solutions possible.

Some of our clients who have opted to integrate our workflows into their solutions include: Michelin (Easy Offer), Opel, Ford, Renault, Best Drive ou encore PSA…

Your customised solution

Do you want to set up a new B2B web tool for your network? And do you also want very specific features and functionalities?

We can guide you in establishing the precise specifications of your needs, and jointly define the stages as well as the timing of your specific development project.

Our clients include: Renault (RPneu portal), MyTyreShop (Michelin)…

If you would like further information about our B2B solutions or you have a B2B project, please contact us.