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Disruption is our DNA

In other words, our desire is to break the mould with innovative services, in a market with no apparent room for manoeuvre: the tyre market. So since 2009, WYZ hasn’t just contemplated – it has created a full range of digital tyre solutions, which ensure an availability rate of nearly 100%. To achieve this, the Group focuses on two separate activities:

  • Developing turnkey digital solutions for buying and managing tyres, which can be standard or customised and are intended for key accounts in the automotive sector: manufacturers and after-sales networks.
  • Global and complementary tyre supply: our web tools manage all manufacturer workflows and offer an individually tailored stopgap solution – thanks to agreements with wholesalers across Europe– as well as an availability rate of nearly 100%.


“We bank on disruption, and that is why we created B2B and B2B2C platforms and models that did not exist before. But what really set us apart from the rest, was having done so on the basis of cross-sectoral partnerships with key accounts. Our web disruption model is shared, and then passed on by our clients, who have adapted our tools and allowed us to improve them.”   Pierre Guirard

The operations executives

In 2009, three men with three complementary profiles embarked on a journey…

After an initial career in the tyre division of an automotive supplier, and having recently attained an Executive MBA from HEC business school in Paris, Pierre Guirard decided to set up his own business with Jérôme Tinel, Managing Director of an international trading company – who he met on the same MBA course – and Eric Duplanil, a web engineering enthusiast and entrepreneur to the core.

Pierre Guirard is currently CEO of WYZ Group, Eric Duplanil is Managing Director and Jérôme Tinel is still their associate.

Within a few years, the start-up, then a Compiègne-based SME (Small-Medium size entreprise), was on its way to becoming an MSB (Mid-Sized Business) and was developing internationally. Contracts it secured with key international accounts were already allowing it to deploy on a European scale.

The associates

Another trio shines around the entrepreneurial trio formed by Eric, Jérôme and Pierre: the associate investors. During several fundraising rounds, the Group had the pleasure to welcome two Business Angel associates to a stake in its capital – Jean-Michel Aulas and Jean-Louis Alloin – as well as an investment fund – Generis Capital.

No introduction is required for Jean-Michel Aulas, Chairman of Holnest, Cegid… and FC Olympique Lyonnais! His business instinct prompted him to back WYZ in its early stages and to support it effectively, with the help of Patrick Bertrand and Alexandre Aulas.

Jean-Louis Alloin sold his attractive transport company to a large European group in 2009. Ever since, the businessman, who has a passion for motorsport, has been on a mission: to actively support French entrepreneurship. It was only natural that he joined the WYZ adventure.

The management company, Generis Capital, was the last to have provided financial support to the WYZ Group. It was largely based on its active support to Réseau Entreprendre that WYZ chose this trusted partner in 2015, which is represented by Edouard Daudier de Cassini.