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Teams with a smile!

Well in their body, well in their mind, well in their role.

At WYZ, corporate well-being is key to a healthy Group.

This notion seems to have taken off in the labour market in recent years, but it’s always been the philosophy that the Group has believed in since the very start.

To ensure the sustainable growth of their business, the three founders are committed to offering their employees varied activities, from playing sports to doing yoga sessions, or friendly get-togethers around barbecues or giant paellas!


Sport is a genuine philosophy at WYZ.

For the founders, doing physical activities in their own company is both a way to stay healthy and to forge a true team spirit. At WYZ, we encourage each employee to practice the sport that suits them best, and allow them to simply complete their day’s work around this activity.

There is also a table football table at the entrance of the offices, which is great for raising spirits or chilling out between meetings. The Group’s leaders also strongly encourage each employee to practice a physical activity on a personal basis, such as walking, running, swimming, etc.

The core message: a healthy body means a healthy mind!

Peace of mind

Optimum concentration, stuck behind a computer screen for several hours a day, this is the draining routine imposed on us by today’s working practices.


To make this routine more peaceful and comfortable for its teams, WYZ has set up Yoga sessions every Friday afternoon. Reduced stress, improved breathing, more self-confidence and optimised concentration are just a few of the many benefits that Yoga has to offer, and the WYZ teams simply love it!