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2021, new WYZ challenge: The WYZ Bike Challenge #RH2021!

And it is a new challenge taken up with flying colors for the WYZ Team!

This year, it was towards Spain for the great departure of our loop.

The objective of this challenge? To go from Barcelona to Compiègne, in relay via 14 stages. Half of the WYZ staff was mobilized, no less than 22 people took part in this major challenge! Over 2 weeks, the teams took turns to cover the 1700 kilometers of the route.

On Saturday, September 11 in Barcelona, the TOP start was launched. Two weeks later, on Friday 24th September, we celebrated the arrival of our cycling pros in Compiègne with the whole WYZ Team. The training sessions, supervised as every year by our renowned coach Sébastien DESMETTRE (high level triathlete), allowed the team to meet this collective challenge!

The WYZ Team, which remained in the office, ensuring the continuity of our activity and taking care of our customers, was not left out: it also mobilized by pedaling on a home trainer installed in the office.

The goal was to take up this HR 2021 challenge together, at the office or on the road!

2019: the WYZ Bike Challenge

Our goal was to cross France by mountain bike, in relays and in 14 stages. Starting in Lille and ending in Nice, the WYZ cyclists succeeded in covering a total of nearly 1,650 kilometers!

After 10 months of bi-weekly training, each participant was able to complete several stages in relays, each with an average of 120 kilometers! They were also able to discover local specialties and breathtaking landscapes.

At the same time, customers, suppliers and partners had the opportunity to accompany us on certain stages – under medical supervision, of course!

To prepare for this challenge, all WYZ Group members who chose to participate (50% of the total workforce) started ten months of bi-weekly training (one collective session and one individual session).

Go to the news page to discover the articles about our adventure! You will also find two reports made by France 2 and France 3.

To oversee this challenge, WYZ once again welcomes its team of prestigious coaches:

  • Trainer: Sébastien DESMETTRE, former high-level triathlete
  • Guide: Stéphane LECAT, the spearhead of the overall project
  • Prestigious patron: Florian ROUSSEAU, triple Olympic medallist and ten times world champion in track cycling
  • Doctor: Laurent BOIDIN

2018: the WYZ Swim Challenge

In September 2018, the WYZ Team completed its first challenge: the “WYZ Swim Challenge”. This first leg of the triathlon “made by WYZ” was to swim to Quiberon in Belle-Île-en-Mer, which involved 15 km at sea and a crossing of 6 hours 15 minutes.


The 17 employees participating in this challenge were divided into 3 teams and received the support of two captains of choice:  the open water swimming champions, Aurélie Muller and Marc-Antoine Olivier.


On the coaching side, this epic event would not have been possible without two outstanding coaches: Stéphane Lecat, Director of Development and Team France in open water swimming, and Sébastien Desmettre, former high-level triathlete and now talented coach.


“I’ve trained young people who had the ambition to win, and I found that same state of mind at WYZ Group.”  Sébastien Desmettre

The patron of our challenge was Philippe Croizon, the great figure of the disabled sport world. He was there to talk about his past success, but also to advise and support our team in this great adventure.


A former worker, Philippe Croizon became an athlete as a challenge after a serious accident resulted in him having all four legs and arms amputated. Despite his handicap, he has multiple sporting achievements: he swam across the English Channel in September 2010, and swam four straits separating five continents over 100 days in August 2012. He also took part in the Dakar Rally in 2017.


Frequently asked to speak about his disability and achievements, he also engages in activities as a columnist in various media and as a speaker for corporate events. He has already spoken at some of WYZ’s big annual events, and everyone recalls the incredible cocktail of energy and emotion he delivered to us, and always with such generosity.


His courage, determination and humour were an unparalleled example to motivate the WYZ Team.