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Share values, encourage talent

As part of the Performance Pact launched by the Ministry of Sports in 2014, WYZ is committed to supporting French athletes and contributing to France’s influence in high-level international sporting events.


As part of this commitment, but also because of its passion for sport and its values, WYZ has chosen to support two great champions: Marc-Antoine Olivier and Aurélie Muller.

Marc-Antoine is the 5-km open water world champion, and bronze medallist at the Rio Olympic Games, and Aurélie won the 10-km open water world champion on two occasions. Both represent all aspects of the spirit of surpassing yourself, perseverance and discipline that WYZ wishes to instil in its teams. The Group gives them moral and financial support based on all of these reasons.


 “I really feel part of the WYZ Group team. Without work, we are nothing, but without a team, we are nothing either.”  Marc-Antoine Olivier

› You can follow Aurélie Muller’s achievements here: 

Why open water swimming champions?

Because this sport and these athletes embody the WYZ spirit perfectly. On the one hand, open water swimming is a demanding discipline that is little known to the general public and requires a real sense of effort. On the other hand, Marc-Antoine Olivier and Aurélie Muller are required to outperform, to be better each day than the day before, and to humbly find their place in an increasingly competitive sport. Their values are the same as ours.


“Sport also teaches us that we can lose (for example, every now and then we’ve had to give up on several lines of programming code because they were ultimately unsuitable), yet we persevere, because we may have lost today, but tomorrow we could win. And our sports sponsorship is also coming from a sense of giving back.”  Eric Duplanil, Managing Director of WYZ

› You can follow Marc-Antoine Olivier’s achievements here: