The Customers philosophy by WYZ

“A company's raison d'être is to create and keep its clients” 
Theodore Levitt (American economist and professor at Harvard Business School)

This quote has been adopted by WYZ as its motto. The company is first and foremost dedicated to customers.
WYZ adapts each platform to suit a customer's specific needs while respecting their respective strategies and listening to their needs. And so the WYZ bespoke solutions are born.
WYZ is now trusted by widely-respected French and international companies. 

Among those who trust WYZ Fleet…

Director of Purchase, VEOLIA Group

WYZ : «Why trust WYZ?»
AWS : «We have been customers of WYZ since 2013 and we chose to work with them for many reasons. Let me start with the first one, which was the desire to reduce costs. I work directly for the purchasing department at VEOLIA and searching for ways to economise is a recurring theme, so, that was the first objective.

But there were also other important objectives. Indeed, we performed a thorough analysis of our TCO: our total cost of operations for our car fleet. We identified the various TCO expense items and when we got to tyres, it seemed interesting to enquire how we could optimise this item with some innovative solutions. Prior to that, we used to work with leasing companies who offered us this service. We were open to anything at the time and ultimately WYZ appeared to us to be the best supplier with respect to our various requirements: not only did WYZ have very advanced expertise in tyres, but it came with a management structure. And that gave us both savings and management optimisation; which is what motivated us at that time to start working with WYZ.»

WYZ: «Are you satisfied with WYZ?»
AWS : «What we really like about WYZ is the focus on digital. For us, digitalisation is very important. This is one of the main drivers to reducing costs and ultimately to reducing the size of our car fleet generally. Let me give you two examples: the first is the roll-out of an order and management software for the car fleet, which allows us to better understand our TCO. The second example is the roll-out of a mobile application for drivers. Our attraction to WYZ's digital approach was thus natural since many things are handled virtually. Our management software is connected with WYZ, which allows us to upload our car fleet status every week into the WYZ programmes in order to ensure that the network behind the mounting services can have real-time information about which vehicles meet our terms and which don't - and that's an important point. On the other side, we have all the billing information and details on the tyre-related operations in a fully digital format in our programme and that is truly a significant added value»

WYZ: «What does the international development of WYZ offer you?»
AWS : «We are interested in the possibilities of developing together with WYZ abroad. I will answer in two different ways: first, and where I am the most concerned, is that we have acquired a certain maturity in France with respect to fleet management. Our objective is to take this VEOLIA group strategy to the international level. That's what we are doing by developing our management programme in new countries, which are the ones you just mentioned. Thus, we would obviously be delighted to also be able to work with WYZ in the countries where the company will develop a presence once the market is mature. And I would add that VEOLIA is really proud to move forward and bring a smaller company with it to that international level, and to help it grow with us in a win-win partnership.»


Patrice GERME

Director of Equipment Purchase, VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT

WYZ: How did WYZ make its case in order to convince a large company such as Veolia to entrust a startup with the tyre management for its fleet? 
Patrice Germe: "First, WYZ offers the right answers to our problems based on our specifications. Then, there is also the fact that working with WYZ is in line with Veolia's commitment to partner with small and medium businesses, per the SMB pact we signed several years ago and identified major challenges notably supporting their development, innovation and partnerships. This process aims to foster the emergence and growth of dynamic and strong partners, who in turn increase innovation and competitiveness."

WYZ: According to you, what are the main values embodied by the WYZ team?
PG: "As a small business, the team is flexible and reactive while its innovation and competitiveness are essential characteristics for a good partnership."

Christian VERGNAUD

Buyer, purchasing department, SODEXO

WYZ: The Sodexo group referenced WYZ in 2011. What were the principle benefits that WYZ brought you in the management of such a large fleet?
Christian Vergnaud: "Our main goal was to better manage what we spend on tyres for our fleet. There were several things in the WYZ offer that interested us:
• a better understanding of the service we require (brands, models)
• quick access to available supply so we have guaranteed selection
• its large network of inter-connected service centers is a plus for our employees
• thorough, quick and easy-to-use management reports." 

Among those who trust WYZ Retail…

Pierre-Michel ERARD
RENAULT DACIA After-Sales Service Director, France

WYZ : «Why did Renault Dacia France choose the WYZ platform?»

PME : «The WYZ platform was launched on June 1, 2016, with the participation of all the Renault car dealerships and outlets in France. We had identified a problem of tyre supply in our network. Given the wide range of references, it is virtually impossible for our dealers to have them all available. We are talking about 100,000 to 200,000 tyres a year in need of occasional replacement. Various platform developers had approached us with an offer, but WYZ's was the only platform to accommodate our desire for a yearly price and also to be fully adapted to our business policy with respect to our dealers. Indeed, what we wanted was not just prices and sales terms on a yearly basis, but also sourcing reliability. With the platform, if a reference is unavailable within the network itself, we can turn to WYZ.»

WYZ : «Is that the only reason?»

PME «Another one is the user-friendliness and technical characteristics of the WYZ site. The flexibility of the WYZ platform made it very simple to integrate with our own portal. For us, that adaptability was crucial. WYZ not only clearly understood our business policy with our dealers – which is to make sure there is no supply disruption – but it also offered a satisfactory technical solution to it. Lastly, we appreciated the company's approach: instead of being tied to one manufacturer, the WYZ platform is independent, which makes it an open and neutral market place. And of course, we appreciated the advice they offered us!»

WYZ : «So Renault strongly validates the WYZ business model...»
PME «Absolutely!»

WYZ : «Are you planning on expanding your relationship with WYZ?»
PME «What we like about start-ups in general and WYZ in particular is this kind of agility, this ability to create value by developing a solution. We could potentially expand the scope of our relationship with WYZ as we are currently exploring solutions to improve our portal, not just with respect to our dealers but also with respect to garages, repair-shops and agents.»



Customer Relations and After Sales Director JAGUAR-LAND ROVER France

WYZ: You were the first After Sales Director to trust WYZ for the installation of an Internet platform dedicated to tyres. What was the trigger?
Olivier Andrieu: "Today, stores and workshops in the automotive construction network often work with multiple brands. Given the context, it was imperative for me to combine our brand presence with “turn-key” solutions that simplify the network operators’ task. WYZ meets this need by supplying each user with sourcing of multiple tyre brands with no inventory constraints and attractive discounts."

The platform is a real success: since its inception, we have seen regular increases in sales volumes, in addition to our manufacturers' sales volumes. Moreover, the WYZ team's expertise brought us enhanced credibility, as concerns car dealers and it also allowed us to expand our tyre business in other areas (winter wheels, fleets, maintenance, listing of other brands)

WYZ: If you were to summarize WYZ in a few words, what would they be and why?

The WYZ Internet platform allows users to consult an infinite number of solutions from the 1st to the 3rd line with information as to available stock and in real time.
There’s also a quote tool that makes the price offer to clients more professional and allows us to monitor our network’s tyre activity in real time.

I knew and liked Pierre Guirard when he was Sales Director at Continental, and I knew that if we worked together he would bring me informed advice on our tyre strategy.
And in one year, network sales have tripled!

Trusting a new supplier is never easy but Pierre was able to bring us the necessary assurances quickly so we could sign our partner agreement. Timely delivery of personalized sites for our brands, monthly management reports, constantly improved IT solutions, and shareholder references."


Marketing Director, After-Sales, NISSAN West Europe

WYZ: Nissan was one of the first manufacturers to do business with WYZ. It now has an Internet tyreplatform in three different countries (France, Spain and Belgium).Why this level of trust?
Rémy Legal: "The WYZ platform offers important added value for our retail network, as it gives the opportunity:
• to solve recurring problems with manufacturers' supply shortages
• to implement a modern tool for price quotes
• to use a unique tool for tyre supply, thanks to a direct access to partner-manufacturers' stocks.

The platform is a real success: since its inception, we have seen regular increases in sales volumes, in addition to our manufacturers' sales volumes. Moreover, the WYZ team's expertise brought us enhanced credibility, as concerns car dealers and it also allowed us to expand our tyre business in other areas (winter wheels, fleets, maintenance, listing of other brands)

WYZ: You diversified your operations with WYZ (tyres, wheels, maintenance, consulting), but from your point of view what is WYZ's "real" business?
RL: "WYZ's core business is summarized in the phrase “online tyre experts”. Our partnership is now diversified but based on true business coherence and cutting-edge knowledge of the tyre market.
Today, WYZ is a necessary partner for Nissan West Europe, because of its innovative distribution methods, but above all thanks to its team's undeniable know-how."


Among those who trust WYZ Solutions …

Arnaud LEDUN

Marketing, Communication and Retail Sales Director at PROFIL PLUS

WYZ: How would you describe the WYZ spirit?
Arnaud Ledun: "Simplifying: making complicated requests as simple as they were to begin with!"

WYZ: You use the WYZ services for the back office management. What is their added value?
Arnaud Ledun: "They’re available, independent, proactive."