WYZ is an innovative French company, specialized in online tyre sales and supply management, with three types of clients: large automobive after-sales accounts, company fleets and generalist and specialized websites.

“Online tyre experts” is the WYZ signature tagline.

“An expert is somebody who knows more and more about less and less” - Nicholas M. Butler  (American philosopher, 1862-1947)

This is the case for WYZ. Our focus is on tyres, derivative products and associated services.

An independent and official player, founded in 2009, the WYZ Group’s turnover passed the €20m milestone in 2015 and the company is growing across all of its lines of business. WYZ Group has recorded average annual growth of 46% in the last three years, thus confirming the trust placed in it when chosen as one of the companies in the first wave of government’s “Accélérateur PME” scheme for SMEs sponsored by the Ministry of the Economy and coordinated by BPIfrance.

WYZ GROUP’s clientele is made up of numerous blue-chip companies based in France and abroad: Nissan, Fiat, Mercedes, Peugeot Citroën, Opel-Chevrolet, Toyota, Jaguar-Land Rover, BMW, Renault, Mazda, Profil+, Best Drive, Driver, Qteam, Veolia, Dalkia, Nestlé, Sodexo, Cegid, cdiscount.com, vente-privee.com…

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We’re not in Silicon Valley, we’re in Compiègne to the north of Paris but the start-up spirit is present: T-shirts and jeans are the norm in the WYZ offices. Only the owners wear white shirts but with no ties. And they are responsible for raising the company’s average age! At 37 years, it’s a little higher than in the Valley. The same is true for the percentage of female employees (60%) at WYZ which is higher than in American tech companies.

During a photo shoot, without realizing it, the twenty-three or so WYZ employees formed a tyre-like circle. No doubt, a reflection of the company's state of mind. Solidarity is key here. Everyone works hard, but interacts freely too. The best way to build relationships, share information and to solve problems that may arise.

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